From cupcakes to fresh bread, birthday party cakes and pies, Saipan has a decent assortment of bakeries to choose from.

1.  Bostonian Incorporated

Telephone Number:  (670) 235-4310

2.  Buttercups

Telephone Number:  (670) 233-1284

3.  Chow Queen Bakery

Telephone Number:  (670) 235-1328

Excerpt from Saipan Tribune  March 11, 2011 newspaper article “Giving the Island More Bread Choices for 6 Years”

“  ‘At Chow Queen Bakery, we pride ourselves in having the most choices of breads for our customers,’ owner Ta Bun Kuy told Saipan Tribune.
Ta recounted why he decided to put up a bakery business on island. ‘People say a bakery makes profit, said Ta. ‘It?s true. You make money when you have sold all your bread.’

When it opened its doors on island, Chow Queen Bakery primarily offered some 30 different kinds of breads?including the tasty bread, Spanish bread, and ensaymada munggo or bean bread.

These days, customers can now choose from over 50 types and flavors, with recently introduced breads consisting of the Herb Vege, Pullman bread, macaroons, and bread with various fruit fillings such as blueberry, strawberry, and banana.

‘We always try to come up with new kinds of bread. Our bread choices certainly differ from those of other bakeries since we use Hong Kong-style mixture recipe in making Filipino-style bread that everybody loves,’ said Ta.

Chow Queen Bakery?s array of breads expanded as the bakery?s clientele grew, mainly through word-of-mouth recommendations.

‘We have regular customers from neighboring islands. They order from us by bulk to give to their families in Guam, even as far as the U.S. mainland,’ Ta said.

Chow Queen Bakery’s goods pan de coco, ube roll, pandesito, coco nuggets, and more are available in various major retail stores, including Joeten stores, Payless Supermarket, 99 Cents, San Jose Market, Sunleader, Hannam Market, Kagman Market, and Twins Market, among others.”    Read more………

4.  Daily Bread Bakery

Telephone Number:  (670) 234-8828

5.  Dela Cruz Pastries

Telephone Number:  (670) 234-8828

From Dela Cruz Pastries’ blog:

“Delacruz Pastry; Specializing in Chamorro Delicacies

We are the Delacruz Pastry.

Started in the early 60’s, we originated the Chamorro dessert called apigigi.

Through trial and error, Antonio Villagomez Castro (familian Marceliano) created what’s now known as apigigi for his ailing wife, Veronica Santos Castro (familian Lencho). Their eldest child, Maria Santos Castro, married to Manuel Tenorio Delacruz (familian Aniguac), carried on the recipe and created The Delacruz Pastry. Now run by their daughter, Consolacion DLC. Torres and family, we continue on with our family legacy and tradition to sustain our Chamorro culture.”    Read more………

6.  Ebisuya

Telephone Number:  (670) 234-0828

7.  Fong’s Bakery

Telephone Number:  (670) 235-1071

8.  Herman’s Modern Bakery

Telephone Number:  (670) 234-1071

From Herman’s Modern Bakery’s Website:

“For over 75 years, Herman’s Modern Bakery has been one of the top makers and suppliers of Fine Quality Bread and pastry products in the CNMI and the Pacific.
      What started in the forties as a bakery operated by one man, has flourished into a thriving family business. What sets us apart from the rest of the other bakeshops is our reputation of fine quality local bread which we have earned through years of hardwork, dedication to quality, and exceptional service.
      Herman’s Bakery uses only the finest quality ingredients. We make sure that our baking instruments are always up-to-date. Our bakers receive annual intensive trainings from a Master Baker from the states. The goal is to keep our employees up-to-date with the latest baking procedures, to analyze our ingredients, and to ensure proper baking techniques.”    Read more………

9.  Himawari Deli & Bakery

Telephone Number:  (670) 233-1530

10.  Joeten Hafa Adai Bakery

Telephone Number: (670) 233-1726

11.  Marg’s Kitchen

Telephone Number:  (670) 234-3706

12.  Mary’s Bakery

Telephone Number: (670) 234-6694

13.  Paris Bakery & Cafe

Telephone Number:  (670) 233-7274