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Hotel - Bianca Saipan English translation of Japanese website
This is a screenshot picture of the English translation from Japanese of Bianca Hotel in Saipan.
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Location:  San Jose, Saipan

Website (in Japanese):  Bianca Saipan  “Hotel & Fishing” (as listed on the website)

Website (English translation from Google):  Bianca Saipan “Hotel & Fishing”

Bianca Hotel’s Photo Gallery (translated Google page)

Telephone Number:  (670) 235-4511

Fax:  (670) 235-4513

Address:  P.O. Box 501251, Saipan, MP 96950

Price Range:  $100 and under

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Marianas Visitors Authority Hotel Listing for Bianca

Hotel - Hotel information page for Bianca Saipan
Here is the hotel information page for Bianca Saipan “Hotel & Fishing” This also includes a simple Japanese map of the hotel’s location.
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 Other Information:

On Bianca’s translated website, it mentions that the hotel is:

1.  a 5 minute walk to Price Costco (wholesale)

2.  a 1 minute walk to San Jose Mart (food and clothing)

3.  One and half minutes away (walk) to Dolphin Store (commodities, goods, souvenirs)

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