Saipan Rentals

Saipan Rentals

There are various ways to pay rent on living quarters instead of acquiring a lease on a house, land, or both.  You can rent a home in a gated community (though rare), apartment complex, in a secluded area, or amongst many residential homes.

There are a few websites of real estate agents who cater towards property management through rentals.  Some homes and apartments for rent are also sometimes advertised in the local Garage Sale website.

List of Websites for Saipan Rentals

1.  Commonwealth Development Authority

Saipan Real Estate Rentals at Commonwealth Development Authority commercial residential hotel innWebsite:  CDA Website List of Saipan Rentals

Commonwealth Development Authority currently has a Saipan Rental Listing for residential and commercial properties as well as hotels or inns. 

Though it is rare to find with a Saipan-based real estate firm, this webpage also has a lot of listings for rentals on the islands of Tinian and Rota we well.  Currently, they have 5 available rentals for Rota and 2 for Tinian.

2.  Marianas Living

Saipan Real Estate - Rentals from Marianas LivingWebsite:  Direct Link to Marianas Living’s Saipan Rental Page

Website:  Marianas Living Main Page

Marianas Living has a beautiful and clear website using photographer Del Benson’s photography.  Their website has many rental listings with pages for:  Vacation Rentals, Homes for Rent, Apartment Rentals, and Commercial Rentals.

3.  Pacific Rim International

Saipan Real Estate Rentals by Pacific Rim International in Beach Road GarapanWebsite:  Direct Link to Rentals for Pacific Rim International

Location:  Macaranas Bldg. 2F, Beach Road, Garapan

Currently, Pacific Rim International has a good running list of condominiums as well as one in the gorgeous Mt. Tapochau area.  The drive up to Mt. Tapochau is not always a smooth one but the views in the right homes are gorgeous.  They also have some openings of housing rentals in Flame Tree Terrace, a gated community in Capitol Hill.  There are a couple of pictures for each rental within the listing on the rental page.

4.  Saipan Real Estate CNMI Realty

Saipan Real Estate CNMI Realty Rentals pageWebsite:  Direct Link to Rentals Page for Saipan Real Estate

Website:  Main Webpage has a web page devoted to rentals of apartments and condominiums.  Though it lacks photos for most of it’s current listings, it may have some gems that are not found in other real estate websites.

Right now I am seeing an opening for Anaks Condominiums as well as executive home rental listings for beautiful views at Capitol Hill Estates and an undisclosed location.

5.  Alexander Realty & Development

Alexander Realty and Development condominiums apartments for rent on SaipanWebsite:  Apartments and Condominiums Listing

Website:  Alexander Realty & Development Main Page

Currently, there are not many rental listings in Alexander Realty & Development’s Condominium and Apartment Rental page but it does include a prime location in Saipan — Capitol Hill.  The listing is for Miller’s Estates that offers partial ocean views as advertised in their website.

6.  House and Rentals Section of Garagesale Saipan from MCV

Saipan housing and rentals section
Click on the picture to go directly to Garagesale Saipan’s Housing and Rentals section or use a text link below

Website:  House and Rentals Section of Garagesale Saipan

Website:  Garagesale Saipan’s Homepage

The Housing and Rentals Section is on the right-hand side of the website right under Furniture.  Just within the last few days (March 2013) there is an impressive listing of apartment to rent on Saipan that is listed on this website.  It is impressive because of the amount but we are not sure about the quality of the housing, units, or neighborhood.  You can log in to their website for more details and contact information of the housing you desire to rent.

Some examples of places/ housing to rent on Saipan for March 2013 (listed on Garagesale Saipan):

1.  “$200 – Studio type big room for rent, furnished with living needs, cable TV, internet, 24 hour water, except electricity, sewer fee $10, located near the San Jose Market, please call for more detail 285-1502 Mr.Han”

This advertisement includes a couple of pictures.

2.  “150 – Studio type room for rent, medium size room for rent, furnished with living needs, cable TV, internet, 24 hour water, except electricity, sewer fee $10, $150/month, $200/ security deposit, located near San Jose Market, please call for more detail 285-1502 Mr. Han”

This advertisement includes a couple of pictures.

3.  “120 – Studio type small room for rent, furnished with livings needs, cable TV, internet, 24 hour water, except electricity, sewer fee $10, $120/month, $200/security deposit, located near the San Jose Market, please call for more detail 285-1502 Mr. Han”

This advertisement includes a couple of pictures.

4.  We spelled out a few things in this advertisement.  Log in to Garagesale Saipan to get contact details for the following apartment and ocean view housing. 

“R U LOOKING 4 SAFE PLACE TO STAY?, 2 bedroom fully furnished apartment located at Aslito, close to college, stores, & the airport, unit is equip w/ window grills, clean & safe environment, maintenance person available on site, water & power are available, can more in anytime”

“House fully furnished located at Papago, nice & peaceful place, over looking Laolao Bay Golf Courses & the ocean, power & water are available, can move in anytime, excellent for teachers in Kagman Schools, can do gardening.”

5.  “$1100 – House for Lease/ Rent, Newly renovated 2 bedroom concrete house located at Tottotville housing number 33.  Semi-furnished include new washer/dryer, range and refrigerator including split-type air-conditioning.  First option:  $1,100 to include complete maintenance such lawn care, trash, repairs within the house.  Second option:  $850.00 without maintenance.  Water, sewer, power, cable and telephone not included.  Serious inquiries only.  Please call 483-6997/ 483-8499 or 483-0032”

6.  “House for Rent, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom.  Nice Ocean View.  Surrounded with typhoon shutters.  Any information email me or my contact @ 670-789-7585”

7.  “$700 – Beautiful 3+ bedroom with a studio Spacious House for Rent!!  This beautiful home is conveniently located in Tanapag across Mobil.  It is super spacious and the whole house is for rent for only $700.00 a month.  Amenities include a huge balcony, three bedrooms top floor, and a studio room in the bottom floor and the house is gated for your privacy.  Get it while this great deal is still available.  Please contact Joel Camacho @ 287-6129 to take a look at the house.”

This advertisement includes a couple of pictures of the house for rent.

8.  “$300 – House for Rent, 3 bedroom, 3 bath house for rent.  It is unfurnished.  Located in Dandan Vill,. Magicianne Bay Ave.  For only $300.00/month not including utility.  For more inquiries, please call Joanne Camacho at 288-2325 or 788-8916”


7.  Vacation Rentals by Owner

March 2013 shows that is  a listing for a Saipan Ocean View Vacation Rental had previously been available.  This is a new site that we weren’t familiar with and glad to see vacation rentals offered since Saipan is such a beautiful island to visit.

The listing shows pictures and appears to have listed these items:  “Saipan Ocean View Vacation Rental – 2bed Room – Large Deck;  Saipan, Condo, 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms

8.  Coral Island Condominiums

We’ve never seen this condominiums ourselves.  Their website looks nice and clean and includes clear and pretty pictures, something hard to find on Saipan for a rental. 

Website:  Coral Island Condominiums

Facebook Page:  Facebook for Coral Island Condominiums

Facebook pictures of Coral Island Condominiums in Saipan housing

If you decide to rent from Coral Island Condominiums, please refer our site and it may get us a $250 referral fee.  Thank you in advance!

Coral Island Condominiums in Saipan private swimming poolCoral Island Condominiums in Saipan private tennis courtCoral Island Condominiums housing in Saipan Northern Mariana Islands CNMICoral Island Condominiums in Saipan housing Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands CNMI

About Coral Islands Condominium (as listed on their website):  “Conveniently located in the center of Saipan, overlooking Managaha Island and Micro Beach’s crystal blue lagoon, Coral Island Condominiums provide comfortable living with breahtaking, million dollar sunset views.”

Amenities (as listed on their website):

“Coral Island Condominiums offer a full range of amenities:

Unit Size:  1,200 sq.ft. with 300 sq.ft.balcony

Rooms:  2 Bedrooms, 2 full Bathrooms

Furnishing:  Furnished or Unfurnished

Lease:  Short term and long term leases available

In unit washer and dryer

Central Air Conditioning

24-hour backup generator and water supply

24 hour on-site maintenance

Nighttime Security


Tennis Court”

9.  Saipan Apartment Rentals Phonebook Listing

Here is the website link to find the current Apartment Rental Listing for Saipan: 

Yellow Pages Listing for Phone Numbers of Saipan Apartment Rentals

  • ADP Enterprisers, Chalan Kanoa, 670-234-3124
  • Ada Joseph C Apartments, Garapan, 670-234-6854
  • Angel Enterprise Incorporated, San Jose, 670-233-4378
  • Benavente Apartment, As Lito, 670-288-4810
  • Capital Apartel, 670-233-7820
  • Chalan Kiya Circle Apartment, 670-235-8415
  • Coconesia House Incorporated, Garapan, 670-233-5353
  • ELCA Townhouse Apartments, Fina Sisu, 670-288-2340
  • Flametree Terrace Apartment, Sadog Tasi, 670-322-3366
  • Gualo Rai Court Apartment, Middle Road, Mobile 670-483-9901, Office 670-234-6552, Email:
  • H S Lee Construction Co Inc, Gualo Rai, 670-234-6856
  • Horizons Incorporated, Tanapag, 670-323-8884
  • J J Apartment & Motel, Garapan, 670-234-6025
  • J S Malotte Corporation, Chalan Laulau, 670-235-7093
  • K 2 Corporation, Tanapag, 670-322-3220
  • Kannat Gardens, San Vicente, 670-234-5849
  • Marianas Management Corp, Susupe, 670-235-8973
  • Miller’s Estates, Capitol Hill, 670-322-3794
  • Nang Ocha Enterprises, San Vicente, 670-235-0927
  • Olympic Apartment, 1-2 bedrooms, fully furnished/unfurnished, back up generator, oceanview, 24 hour laundry facility, 670-287-5435, Email:
  • Quad L’s Company, Tanapag, 670-233-6183
  • R & M Enterprises Inc, Navy Hill, 670-322-7929
  • Realty Management Services, Finasisu, Ocean View Terraces, Sunset View Terraces, Fina Sisu Terraces, Garapan Courtyard, LNH Apartments, REM Center Warehouses, 670-235-6527, Website:
  • SNE Saipan Co. LTD, 670-234-2828, Email: , Website:
  • Susupeville Apartment, San Vicente, 670-234-8829
  • Traveller’s Lodge, Garapan, 670-235-5121 (View CDA pdf of furnishings and price) (View Traveller’s Lodge’s Facebook page)

Saipan apartment rental real estate for Traveller's Lodge and Apartelle cda pdf
CDA pdf for Traveller’s Lodge & Apartelle for Saipan apartments

Saipan Traveller's Lodge and Apartelle Facebook page screenshot apartment rental real estate
Traveller’s Lodge & Apartelle’s Facebook page screnshot for apartment rentals


  • The Valley Inn, As Lito, 670-234-7018
  • Vestcor Limited, Capitol Hill, 670-322-3797
  • Y P Management Corp, Navy Hill, 670-322-0230

10.  Saipan House Rentals Phonebook Listing

  • Carlosville Estates, 670-233-0641
  • Parkville Hotel & House Rental, Gualo Rai, 670-233-8383
  • SNE Saipan Co LTD, Garapan, 670-234-2829, Email:  (View SNE Apartment Website)
SNE Apartments Real Estate in Saipan Japanese website screenshot
Screenshot of SNE Apartment website


11.  Rental Properties Phonebook Listing

  • C S E Properties, Chalan Kanoa, 670-234-7490

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  1. I am seeking rentals in garapn , I was try to connect travelers lodge apartments. do you have their update telephone number

  2. this is a helpful web site.
    I am looking to move to Saipan in Dec 2014. I need a 3 bedroom furnished apt or house under $1000 per month

    1. Julie,

      Thank you! We’re glad that you find our website helpful for your move to Saipan! Have you been able to write to any of the real estate agents or rental listings above? One helpful place to list your home request search for a furnished apartment or house is in the online garage sale (classifieds) section. You can also consider writing a letter to the editor of Marianas Variety or Saipan Tribune and include a separate email address you make just for those answers.

  3. My family and I are looking for a house or rooms for rent maybe 2-3 rooms around $250-$300. Only around Garapan to Chalan Kanoa though.

  4. Hello, first great website, very informative thank you. Housing seems to be pretty limited at the moment and was wondering if anyone had suggestions on where to look? I tried many rental companies with no luck but also read a lot is word of mouth. Or anyone looking for a roommate?

  5. My family currently have no home please give numbers for houses for rent were currently residing with my dads sister

  6. Looking to move to Saipan from the West Coast late 2017. Anyone know anything about how my feline companion pets will be treated during the quarantine time? Is the shelter cool and clean? Anything helps. I have read things online and just would like some more updated reports. Thank you.

  7. Hello, I’m seeking for a rental house which includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
    I’m living in Coral Island condominium now, but I want to move to new place.

    1. Hello, I wish I could help you, however my main purpose for this email is to find out how you like the Coral Island Condos. We will be on Saipan for two weeks in March 2018, and are considering staying there. Is there much nearby; restaurants, shopping, etc.? Approximately how far is it to Garapan. Have you found anything of similar quality closer to Garpan? Thank you for your help.

      1. My husband and I are looking for a rental for March 4-16, 2018. Do you happen to know of anything? We are from Seattle, WA. My husband is a physician and will be working at the Commonwealth Hosp.

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